How to make:

Tacos with Jackfruit and delicious Toppings

Vegan version of "pulled pork" in small corn tortillas

Tacos mit Jackfrucht
Tacos mit Jackfrucht

Vegan / Vegetarian

Prep Time
20 Minutes

Total time
30 Minutes

Making "meat" from jackfruit has been on my to-do list for a long time and recently I finally got to do it! Of course, as a Mexican I had to put the result into a taco immediately ;). It's actually pretty similar-looking to "cochinita pibil", a traditional Mexican dish, which takes a lot of time and great ingredients and is often eaten with tortillas. For this vegan everyday version you only need ingredients that you probably already have at home and canned jackfruit that you can find in every supermarket. I was positively surprised by the result and the recipe passed the friends and family taster-test! If you have never had tacos at home before, now is your chance to start with super delicious ones. 

Important for the tacos are tortillas made of corn flour, for the toppings you can use anything you can get your hands on! On my first try I had fried pineapple with the pulled jackfruit and I can totally recommend it. Any kind of vegetable, slightly fried and spiced or raw with fresh cilantro, for example, but also fruits like pineapple or pomegranate go great with these Tacos. All kinds of dips and sauces (check out my Mexican dips), cheese, beans,... make your tacos truly delicious. Give it a try, have fun with this recipe!

For 2 servings of Jackfruit:

2 Cans Jackfruit (about 480g)
Some Ketchup
3tbsp Lemon juice
Worcester Sauce
3tbsp Apple vinegar
1tsp Paprika powder
1stp Cumin
1 Onion
2 Garlic cloves
1tsp Cayenne pepper

Ingredients for the Toppings:

Lemon juice
Cream cheese/curd/sour cream

BBQ Sauce

3tbsp Lemon juice · 3tbsp Apple vinegar · 1tsp Paprika powder · 1tsp Cumin · Worcester Sauce · Ketchup · Salt · 1tsp Cayenne pepper · Pepper

For the barbecue sauce, mix lemon juice, vinegar, paprika powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, Worcester sauce, ketchup, salt and pepper.


2 Cans jackfruit

Take the jackfruit out of the can and drain. If necessary, cut into smaller pieces. Add the BBQ sauce and mix well. 

Jackfrucht mit Sauce

2 Garlic cloves · 1 Onion · Oil

Den Knoblauch und die Zwiebel klein schneiden. Etwas Öl in einer Pfanne heiß machen und sie darin kurz anbraten. Dann die Jackfrucht dazugeben und 5-10 Minuten mitbraten.

Avocado Topping

Avocado · Lemon juice · Salt · Pepper · Cilantro

An avocado topping is easily done by dicing the avocado and seasoning with lemon juice, salt, pepper and cilantro.

Weiße Sauce

Cream cheese · Garlic · Paprika powder · Cilantro

For a white sauce simply mix cream cheese or curd cheese with finely chopped garlic, paprika powder and cilantro.

Paprika gebraten

Paprika · Oil · Salt · Pepper

Grilled peppers also go very well with Tacos. Simply cut the peppers into strips, roast them in some oil until they are soft and season with salt and pepper.

Tomaten Topping

Tomatoes · Onion · Salt

Sliced tomatoes and onion with a little salt are also great as a Topping. 

Karamellisierte Zwiebel

Onion · Oil · Sugar

Caramelized onions can be made quickly by cutting the onion into fine strips, frying them and adding some sugar. When they are nice and soft and slightly brown, they are ready.

Tacos mit Jackfrucht square

8-10 Corn tortillas

Finally, serve the warm tortillas with the jackfruit "meat" and the toppings of your choice. Enjoy!

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Tacos mit Jackfrucht
Tacos mit Jackfrucht
Tacos mit Jackfrucht

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      Danke! Nach vielen Design Anpassungen ist es glaube ich so am leichtesten, das Rezept Nachzukochen. Viel Glück und LG 🙂

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