How to make:

Speculoos Tiramisu

Tiramisu without egg but with Christmas cookies

Spekulatius Tiramisu
Spekulatius Tiramisu


Prep Time
20 Minutes

Total time
Several hours

Everyone with some connection to Italy please bear with me or maybe even look away😉 Because this is by no means a traditional tiramisu. But I can promise that it tastes just as good. This recipe came about because I wanted to make a dessert for a larger group that many would like. But I also wanted it to be perfect for this cold weather and somehow speculoos always comes to mind. So instead of ladyfingers I used speculoos and spiced the cream with vanilla and cinnamon. There you have it - a wonderfully creamy speculoos tiramisu. And without any eggs! Keeps fresh in the fridge for several days and the flavor gets better and better. This recipe is even in the runs as our possible Christmas dessert and that must count for something!

Ingredients for one Speculoos Tiramisu (about 10 servings):

600g Speculoos
210ml Heavy cream
500g Mascarpone
1-2tsp Cinnamon
1tsp Vanilla
110g Powdered sugar
Pinch of salt
200ml Warm coffee
Cocoa powder

Nutritional values per serving

Kcal 613

Protein 8g 

Carbohydrates 52g

Fat 45g


210ml Heavy cream · 110g Powdered sugar · 1-2tsp Cinnamon · 1tsp Vanilla · Pinch of salt · 500g Mascarpone

First prepare the cream. To do this, beat the heavy cream until stiff and gradually add in the powdered sugar. Then add cinnamon, vanilla and a pinch of salt. Carefully fold in the mascarpone so that the cream remains fluffy.

Tiramisu Schichten

600g Speculoos · 200ml Coffee

Next you can start layering. Briefly dip the speculoos in the warm coffee and place in the mold. Then spread a layer of cream over it. Then again speculoos and repeat until everything is used up. The last layer should be cream.


Cocoa Powder

Sprinkle cocoa powder on the tiramisu and place in the fridge for a few hours. Enjoy!

Spekulatius Tiramisu
Spekulatius Tiramisu
Spekulatius Tiramisu

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