How to make:

Rösti Pizza

Crispy Potatoes with Toppings

Rösti Pizza
Rösti Pizza


Prep Time
15 Minutes

Total Time
15 Minutes

Yes - you read that right. Rösti Pizza. Whether you consider this a special fusion dish or just a cooler name for crispy potatoes with toppings is up to you😉 This dish is super quick and easy, can be modified any way you like and has crispy potatoes, that should be enough to convince you!

Ingredients for 1 Rösti Pizza:

400g Potatoes
70g Skyr
Some Tomatoes
Piece of Feta or other Cheese
Some Butter
Salt, Pepper

Nutritional values per serving

Kcal 392

Protein 17g 

Carbohydrates 63g

Fat 6g

Kartoffeln gerieben

400g Potatoes · Salt · Pepper

First, peel and grate the potatoes. Then season with salt and pepper and mix well.

Kartoffeln anbraten


Heat a pan with butter and cover the bottom of the pan with the grated potatoes, pressing them down lightly so they stick together. Fry for a few minutes until the bottom is golden brown. Then carefully turn them over, the easiest way to do this is with a plate. Add some more butter to the pan and fry the other side.


70g Skyr · Tomatoes · Onion · Feta · Chives

Then plate the Rösti Pizza. Season the Skyr to taste and spread on the potatoes. Then add sliced tomatoes, onions, feta and chives. Finally, sprinkle with salt and pepper and enjoy!

Rösti Pizza
Rösti Pizza
Rösti Pizza

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