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Crispy Tarte Flambée

Easy and quick

Knuspriger Flammkuchen
Knuspriger Flammkuchen


Prep Time
15 Minutes

Total time
30 Minutes + Resting Time

Lately I've been obsessed with making tarte flambée because my new recipe is so quick and easy. The dough is done in minutes with just a few ingredients I'm sure you already have in your pantry. Long kneading or waiting as with pizza dough is not necessary. You don't need any special tools for rolling out the dough thinly, any bottle will do. Then simply add your favorite toppings and you can even use up all the leftovers from your fridge. Amazing, right?

I don't want to get too specific with the toppings, because I adjust the recipe each time depending on my "refrigerator situation". Even the dough can be varied, a little spicier, more herbs, spices to match the toppings etc. But what my tartes flambées usually have in common is that I mix crème fraîche and cottage cheese for the base. I always have onions on top and I love to make a sweet and spicy mix, so for example walnuts and honey, thinly sliced pear or pomegranate seeds on top. I love adding Zucchini and after baking arugula and balsamic glace.

Ingredients for the dough (makes 2 large tartes)

300g Flour
150ml Water
1-2tbsp Olive oil
Optionally Spices


Crème fraîche and Cottage Cheese
etc etc etc

Teig Flammkuchen

300g Flour · 2tbsp Olive oil · Salt · Spices · 150ml Water

First prepare the dough. Mix flour with salt, spices and olive oil in a bowl, then add water. Mix and knead by hand until the mixture is somewhat combined. Then knead on a flat surface for a few minutes to form a smooth dough. Cover and let rest for at least half an hour.

Toppings of choice

Preheat the oven to 200°C convection. After resting, roll out the dough very thinly, the thinner the crispier of course, so really only a few millimeters. Then add your creamy base.

Teig belegt

Toppings of choice

Add your toppings and bake for about 20 minutes. You know it's done when the edges slightly bend upwards and are crispy brown.

Knuspriger Flammkuchen
Knuspriger Flammkuchen
Knuspriger Flammkuchen

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