How to make:

Apple Nuts Bread

Fluffy yeast dough with fruity filling

Apfel Nuss Brot
Apfel Nuss Brot


Prep Time
15 Minutes

Total time
1 Hour 45 Minutes

I liked my Herbs and Garlic Butter Bread so much, that of course I had to make another version of it. Chocolate with nuts is always delicious, but this time I wanted it to have more of a summer feel to it. Therefore, a fruity filling with apple and nuts it is! Every time I make this I am surprised how fast and easy the dough comes together. Since I'm not a big "kneader", this recipe is perfect for me. A quick mix and just a few folds and dough is smooth and ready to rise. This sweet bread will be a hit at any picnic or breakfast! Served with applesauce or with jam - so yummy. As always, there are no limits to creativity. Add chocolate to the filling, add more sugar to the dough, the options are endless.

Ingredients for one Apple Nuts Bread:

For the dough:
140ml Room temperature milk
21g Yeast
2tbsp Sugar
60g Soft butter
1 Egg
350g Flour

For the filling:
1 Apple
150g Apple sauce
40g Ground almonds
40g Ground walnuts


140ml Milk · 21g Yeast · 2tbsp Sugar · 60g Butter · 1 Egg · 350g Flour

Combine milk, yeast, sugar, butter and the egg in a large bowl. Then slowly add the flour and knead for a few minutes until a smooth dough is formed. Then let rise in a warm place for an hour while covered.


1 Apple · 150g Apple sauce · 40g Almonds · 40g Walnuts · Cinnamon

In the meantime, cut the apple into small pieces and mix with applesauce, grated nuts and cinnamon.

Teig gefüllt


Roll out the dough on baking paper into a rectangle and spread the filling evenly. More cinnamon can be sprinkled over everything.

Teig backen

Roll up the dough. Then cut twice lengthwise. You can either make a braid, or twist the dough into a "flower".

Apfel Nuss Brot square

Let the bread rise again for 30 minutes. Then bake at 180°C for about 25 minutes. Done!

Apfel Nuss Brot
Apfel Nuss Brot
Apfel Nuss Brot

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