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For what feels like ages I've had the link for restaurants on the home page and again and again a lockdown came between me and my food recommendations. But no more! Because you can still enjoy great food in lockdown, here goes a list of my favorite to-go restaurants in Vienna as a small guide. Places where I get something delicious as I walk by that I would like to share. This list will certainly continue to grow, so it's always worth checking back from time to time! If you call and then pick up you don't have any waiting time, if you pass these spontaneously, it still only takes 10-20 minutes!

The titles link to the respective website. Below you will also find the address or other stores.

Although I always used the wrong name, this has been a favorite since my first visit. This little bakery really charmed me. I felt love at first sight with their focaccia and the "Nussbeugerl". But I also have a very intense bond with the "Salzstangerl", the sweet Brioche and the "Topfengolatschen". Try everything you can and only follow this tip: always buy more than you think. So far, I've always eaten everything by the time I was two corners away and then wanted more. Going back was too embarrassing and I had to wait until the next time, although nowadays I'm super incognito with my mask on...

Spiegelgasse 23, 1010 (with bakery)

Vorgartenmarkt Stand 14-15, 1020 (with bakery)

Siebensterngasse 25, 1070

Josefstädter Strasse 52, 1090

In almost all restaurants in Vienna where I loved the bread, I then read on the menu: Joseph Brot. Not only in restaurants, but also the bakery itself is simply wonderful. I especially recommend the focaccia, the Quiche Lorraine and the chocolate croissants!

Albertinaplatz / Führichgasse 6, 1010

Naglergasse 9, 1010

Landstraßer Hauptstraße 4, 1030

Kirchengasse 3, 1070

Währinger Straße 106, 1180

Obkirchergasse 37-39, 1190

A new lucky and accidental discovery! This restaurant was actually opened last fall as a breakfast place, but then they had to rethink their business because of the pandemic. Lucky for me, because I can't live without the tofu fries and the incredibly good baos with jackfruit anymore! You'll find many vegan options here, but meat lovers will be amazed too. I definitely want to try their brunch box soon, it sounds awesome. Another positive thing I noticed is that the dishes are packaged in an environmentally friendly way.

Wiedner Hauptstraße 75, 1040

Newly discovered and immediately hooked. Here you get really nice Asian dishes, including colorful dumplings, spicy wraps or filled flatbread. There are many vegetarian options and even menu sets in different variations. It's easy to pick up (or pre-order by phone) and then sit on a comfortable bench around the Naschmarkt and enjoy. I even got a drink as a goodie with my order. Attention: cash only!

Gumpendorfer Straße 29, 1060

Maybe already a classic, but I was actually only recently there for the first time, although I have lived in Vienna for so long. If you love colorful, fresh bowls and smoothies you're in the right place. I especially recommend the protein smoothie with peanut butter. Everything on the menu is organic, vegan and sustainable. Perfect for a boost in between meals!

Mariahilfer Straße 45, 1060

Operngasse 34, 1040

Lerchenfelder Str. 63, 1070

Maria Theresien Straße 5, 1090

In my opinion sushi doesn't have to be fancy, cucumbers and avocado makis are my go to. Here you can get that and much more in amazing quality and at a very good price. I also recommend the tofu in sweet sauce!

Burggasse 71, 1070

Museumsquartier, U2 Passage, 1010

Gumpendorfer Straße 45, 1060

I discovered this café as I was walking around the block while I was waiting for my sushi from Natsu. Yes, that's how much of a foodie I am. The falafel wrap is as delicious as it sounds tempting and the mini baklava are great too!

Neubaugasse 59, 1070

I don't know if the 1 meter long pizzas are already legendary, but I think this pizzeria can't be missing in this list. I've never had the small slices here... I'm sure they're great too. But if you come here you have to get the 1m one, which is enough for 3-4 people. Yumm!

Neubaugasse 70, 1070

Did you discover something new to try? Let me know your favorites from this to-go guide and what you ordered if you do go to one of these places!

All the best, Luisa

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