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Salmon Tartar

Quick and easy homemade Tartar

Lachstartar angerichtet
Lachstartar angerichtet


Prep Time
20 Minutes

Total time
20 Minutes

This salmon tartar is an absolute favorite of mine and a real "crowd-pleaser". Served as a starter, as a side dish or (if you're feeling fancy) also as a dip for tortilla chips. Everyone will love this recipe and you will surely receive a lot of praise ;). I really like to make this tartar, it's so easy and quick and really delicious. Besides, the first recipe on my blog had to be something special! You'll see how easy it is to look like a master chef! If you still haven't had enough salmon after this recipe, you can also try this Poke Bowl!

Ingredients for Salmon Tartar (serves 4)

300g Salmon
1 small Onion
1/2 Pepper
1 Avocado
1/2 Mango
Fresh Parsley
Lemon juice
Salt, Pepper, Chili

Additionally: Crackers, Tortilla Chips or Bread


Lachs geschnitten

300g Salmon

The most important thing for the salmon tartar is of course the salmon. In order to perfectly cut it into small pieces, I recommend keeping it in the freezer first. It should not be completely frozen, but just enough to be cut with a sharp knife.

Lachs geschnitten in Würfel

Carefully cut small cubes and put them aside. The salmon should be defrosted quickly at room temperature while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Avocado schälen

1 Avocado

Tip: You can easily cut a ripe avocado by making a cut through the skin and then peeling off each side.

Lachs in Schüssel Galerie

1/2 Mango · 1 small Onion· 1/2 Pepper · Fresh Parsley ·
Lemon juice · Chili · Salt · Pepper

Cut the remaining ingredients into small pieces as well and arrange everything in a bowl. For the dressing, mix lemon juice with salt, pepper, parsley and chili to taste. Drizzle on the tartar and mix well. 

Lachstartar angerichtet quadratisch

Das Lachstartar hält sich im Kühlschrank einige Tage und ist nach ein paar Stunden „Einwirkzeit“ am Besten. Wenn es schnell gehen muss kann es aber auch gleich serviert werden und wird dennoch alle begeistern 😀

Lachstartar angerichtet
Lachstartar angerichtet quadratisch
Lachstartar auf Tuch

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    Das sieht ja wirklich sehr lecker aus!
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