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Halloumi Kebab

Healthy alternative for the much loved fast food

Halloumi Döner
Halloumi Döner


Prep Time
30 Minutes

Total time
30 Minutes

Most of us have probably had Kebab, maybe some already know Halloumi Kebab. But have you ever made it yourself? It's about time! Because no matter if you are a Kebab beginner or a professional, you surely haven't tried a recipe like this one yet! The mixture of salty Halloumi with crunchy peanuts and the sweetness of honey is unexpected and really delicious. Paired with fresh vegetables and a refreshing sauce it becomes healthy fast food. Important for the perfect Kebab is a good flat bread. Best you look at an international supermarket or maybe you are lucky to have an international bakery nearby! It will be especially good if everything is served fresh. Therefore, it is better to cut the vegetables first and prepare everything before the warm Halloumi is added. I would place the Tzaziki in the refrigerator before being served. So, in addition to the abundance of aromas (sweet, salty, savoury) and consistencies (soft bread, crunchy salad, squeaky cheese), there is also a wonderful mix of warm and cold. Quite fancy words to describe Kebab. But once you taste it, you will get why! So get cooking and enjoy!

Ingredients for 2-3 Kebabs:

2-3 Pieces kebab bread
250g Halloumi
1 Tomato
Salad leaves
200g Greek Yogurt
Piece of Cucumber
1 Onion
1/2 Lemon
30g Peanuts
2tsp Mint
Salt, Pepper


Cucumber · 200g Greek Yogurt · 1/2 Lemon · 2tsp Mint · Salt · Pepper

First, we make the tzatziki. Peel the cucumber and either grate it finely or make thin strips with a peeler and cut them into small pieces. Mix with the Greek yogurt and squeeze in the lemon. Add mint and season with enough salt and pepper. Mix well.


1 Tomato · 1 Onion · Salad leaves

For the filling, cut the tomato and onion into fine slices and the salad leaves into strips.

Halloumi und Erdnüsse

250g Halloumi · 30g Peanuts

Then cut the Halloumi into cubes and chop the peanuts.

Halloumi und Erdnüsse

Oil· Honey · Pepper

Heat some oil in a pan and fry the Halloumi for about 3 minutes. Then generously add the honey and the chopped peanuts, season with pepper, mix everything and fry until the Halloumi is crispy.

Halloumi Döner square

2-3 Kebab Bread

Now it's time for assembling! To do this, cut your bread so that everything fits and just start filling. I like to put Tzatziki in first so that everything is covered and then the rest of the ingredients. But that is completely up to you, enjoy!

Halloumi Döner
Halloumi Döner

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