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Energy Balls

Yummy and healthy snack with dates

Energy Balls
Energy Balls


Prep Time
15 Minutes

Total time
15 Minutes

Today I show you a super simple recipe that is ideal for snacking while studying or working! I've got an intense exam period coming up and what better way to keep motivated than small delicious energy balls? I'm a huge fan of dates, paired with a light cocoa note and the nut butter a perfect combination. This recipe is also vegan so you can share with all of your friends 🙂 The energy balls are best stored in the refrigerator. Give it a try!

Ingredients for about 15 Energy Balls:

50g Millet flakes
50g Almonds
80g Dates (no pit)
1tbsp Cocoa powder
1tbsp Peanut butter
30ml Plant milk
10g Agave syrup
15g Coconut flakes

Dattel Masse

80g Dates · 50g Millet flakes · 50g Almonds · 1tbsp Cocoa powder · 1tbsp Peanut butter · 30ml Plant milk · 10g Agave syrup

First, cut the dates into smaller pieces. Then put all the ingredients in a blender and finely chop.

Bällchen formen

Form equal-sized balls from the mixture. To do this, you can put pieces of dough on a scale to make the energy balls even (mine were about 16 grams).

Energy Balls in Kokosflocken

15g Coconut flakes

The last step are the coconut flakes. Simply fill a small bowl and roll the energy balls in it. All done! 

Energy Balls
Energy Balls
Energy Balls

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