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No-bake Cheesecake with Speculoos and Raspberries

Quick, easy and creamy cheesecake

Cheesecake mit Spekulatius
Cheesecake mit Spekulatius


Prep Time
20 Minutes

Total time
20 Minutes

One of the reasons I love cheesecake so much is because it is so incredibly versatile. Some bake it for a fluffy version, some only bake the base and add cold cream. My recipe is with a cookie base and a very creamy filling. This cheesecake with speculoos is actually one of those recipes that came about without much of a plan and tasted so great that I could put it on the blog without much modification. I find speculoos goes with all desserts, but the very sweet cookies combined with cool and slightly tart cream cheese are an absolute dream team. Those are not only my words, my test eaters loved this recipe. 

This recipe is for a small cake pan, about 18cm. I find this convenient because it's quickly finished and doesn't sit forever in the fridge. The cheesecake tastes best when its fresh. Instead of the raspberries you can also use other pureed fruit. Taste-wise many fruits go well with the cream cheese and it makes the cake pretty. It is also worth experimenting with the milk. Of course, normal milk tastes great, but rice milk or almond milk can give that special touch. I also gave milk with coconut flavor a go and was very pleased.

Ingredients for a small cheesecake base:

100g Speculoos
15g Butter

Ingredients for the cream:

500g Cream Cheese
100ml (Plant based)milk
1/2 Lime
40g Sugar
1tbsp Vanilla sugar
30g Raspberries

Spekulatius zerbröselt

15g Butter · 100g Speculoos

First melt the butter. At the same time, finely grind the speculoos into crumbs in a blender. Add the melted butter and mix well.


Pour the cookie crumbs into the cake pan and press down firmly with a glass. Don't forget the sides, so that the cream can then be easily filled in. At first the crumbs still slide around a bit, just keep pressing until a base is formed.

Frischkäse Creme

500g Cream cheese · 100ml Milk · 40g Sugar · 1tbsp Vanilla sugar · Pinch of salt · 1/2 Lime

For the cream, whisk the cream cheese and milk until fluffy. Then add sugar, vanilla sugar, a pinch of salt and lime juice and whisk again.


Pour the cream into the cheesecake base and smooth it out.

Himbeeren auf Cheesecake

30g Raspberries

Puree the raspberries and spread on the cheesecake. Run a fork through the cream to create a pattern. Then place in the refrigerator so that the cookies soak up the moisture a bit and the cheesecake is easier to remove from the mold. Before removing, run a knife along the edges so that nothing tears.

Cheesecake mit Spekulatius
Cheesecake mit Spekulatius
Cheesecake mit Spekulatius

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