In February 2020 I started blogging and sharing my recipes, cooking experiments and tips. I've had the idea for this blog for a long time, but somehow there was never the right moment to start. One day I realized there is no perfect moment, I just had to do it! So I sat down and with the little website knowledge I had I created a website that represents me and should inspire you.

The most difficult thing was to find a name for my blog. I wanted something original, something new and something that would make my readers curious. "Zungenspitzengefühl" which literally means "tip of the tongue feeling" is supposed to express how to season, stir and chop with passion and how to make everyone feel good, starting from the tip of the tongue.

In my kitchen the stoves are never turned off. I love feeling at home in classic recipes and finding new ways to make traditional cool again. At the same time I enjoy sending my taste buds on travels around the world and trying something completely new.

Currently I'm studying in Vienna and enjoying it to the fullest. Before I moved here I lived in Salzburg, but I'm Mexican. Surely I will share many recipes from my culture as well. Hopefully you feel welcome on my blog, regardless of where you're from!

As a student I often don't have time to cook for hours, so I will share my easy and quick meals. For special occasions or if you're just feeling fancy you'll also find special recipes to treat yourself and your loved ones.

This blog represents my love for cooking and is meant to inspire others. Let yourself be surprised, be creative and enjoy. Let's get cooking!

Foto über mich

And because I'm 20 years old, here are 20 random facts about me!

  1. Although I love to cook, I'm perfectly happy with eating cornflakes or a glass of olives.
  2. When someone cooks for me, I reeeally have to try hard not to meddle.
  3. I like to do everything myself, so that it meets my expectations.
  4. There are phases in which I would like to only eat pancakes.
  5. I speak Spanish, German, English and French and I am currently working on my Italian.
  6. ... I also speak those languages when I'm asleep.
  7. I like being right and winning.
  8. Currently I'm in the middle of my business law studies, and I am also very interested in psychology. Nevertheless, I would like to go in a completely different direction professionally.
  9. As a child I wanted to become an actress and marine biologist, which I imagined as swimming with dolphins and turtles every day.
  10. I'm super thrifty.
  11. As a child I often made breakfast for my parents and for coffee I simply put the ground beans in milk.
  12. I always confuse my left and right.
  13. If I can't think of a word, I say any other random word instead.
  14. Doing dishes and cleaning up after cooking isn't my strong suit.
  15. I love dancing and have tried almost every style.
  16. I enjoy Trash-TV (recommendations always welcome!).
  17. I like playing hostess, especially when all the plates end up empty.
  18. As a child I gave myself 7 more first names and was convinced that it was my real name.
  19. I often dream of an ice cream parlor in Mexico City called Roxy.
  20. Usually I don't cook by recipe, so writing it down and sharing it is a good challenge.

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