Personalized newspaper

Personalized and custom gift for birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine's Day

Personalisierte Zeitung
Personalisierte Zeitung

Since we're celebrating a birthday in my family this week, I wanted to think of something special. Therefore this week I am going to show you my DIY for a personalized newspaper. This template can be used for a birthday or for an anniversary or maybe currently even for Valentine's Day. Especially now where we often can't go shopping and do have a lot of time for creative ideas, this is a really nice gift idea. Perfect for people who are difficult to think of presents for! Here you can download a template as a Word document and just insert your texts. In addition, I give you tips on how to build a beautiful newspaper and what "news" fit perfectly into this informative and fun newspaper 😉

Title for the personalized newspaper: 

The title in my template is for a birthday, however, you can already get creative here. The newspaper could also be called love news, romance press, birthday news and so on. Simply change the header to "The daily newspaper for lovers" or something similar. Below the title, insert the desired date and the first step is done!

Main article:

For my main article on the front page, I decided to show the person's birthday as if they were a famous celebrity. Above the text add short lead text, with important words highlighted in color, like in a real newspaper. Then of course the article is all about the birthday, for example a mini resume from childhood to now. Depending on the person being gifted, you can make the tone here more funny or more affectionate. For me, the text definitely had to include some anecdotes and funny stories that make the person laugh. Sentences like "Insiders from his/her circle report that ..." give the text the right journalist feeling.


In order not to lose the formatting, simply right-click on the images and go to "Change image". Then your own image will be inserted in exactly the right size and the personalized newspaper will remain in the correct format.

Personalized ad:

Well, even in a self-made newspaper you are not spared from advertising, after all you need to finance the paper somehow ;). I left a space for an advertisement that is better tailored to the person than an algorithm ever could. In my case, it was a smart watch that immediately forwards the number of steps to all friends and tells them how much more exercise than they you have already done that day. You can be quite creative and simply take something that the person particularly enjoys or something that exaggerates a characteristic of the person.


The most important thing are, of course, several articles. Make these funny, sweet or whatever fits best. Hidden compliments, anecdotes or invitations make the texts personal and nice to read. I added an article about how a trial had to be postponed because the person was too good-looking and people couldn't concentrate. Another one is a beautiful childhood memory, written like an archaeological find. Then an article about how finally the cookie and chips thief who's been creeping around got caught. Once you start writing everyday situations as newspaper articles, the ideas will just bubble up, believe me!


As in any good newspaper, the weather for the following few days must be reported, along with recommendations of what to do on those days. For this I simply went to a weather page of my city and displayed how the weather will be with inserted icons. Again, just right-click and click on "Change Text" to customize the labels.


As a food blogger, of course I had to add a recipe idea. Since the person likes to eat "Buchteln", I printed that. Here you can of course let yourself be inspired by my recipes and simply add them in shortened form!


In order to have some riddling fun, I added a riddle to my paper. A simple riddle can easily be generated online with various tools. I used this tool because it's super easy and you can change the look of the riddle very easily. The questions can be generic like a real riddle or of course specific to the person. For example favorite drink, what birthday or love is called in a certain language, nickname, last vacation and so on.

Facts from the date:

To really bring some knowledge into the News & Culture section, I typed the date into my search engine and picked out fun and interesting facts. For example, on my date, Feb. 10, the lowest temperature ever was measured in Salzburg in 1956. Also, this is the international day of pulses 😉


Last but not least, a mini horoscope that highlights the good qualities of the person to make the newspaper complete. Here you can either pick one online or make one yourself that fits well.

Below you can download the template in English and German. In the document there are a few suggestions and tips for all content ideas. I had a lot of fun writing, designing and researching. Hopefully you feel inspired to design a newspaper for someone yourself! I wish you a lot of fun with this DIY idea and I would love to see your results on Instagram or via email!

Nicht erschrecken, beim Link über Google Drive sieht das Format der Zeitung ganz anders aus (ich hab mich auf jeden Fall geschreckt 😉 ). Sobald du es herunterlädst, wird es richtig angezeigt. Die Seitenränder gehen sich beim Drucken auch genau so aus, dass nichts abgeschnitten wird.

Personalisierte Zeitung
Personalisierte Zeitung
Personalisierte Zeitung

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