Comfy socks with Snowmen

Creative gift idea for warm feet this christmas

Do you still need inspiration for Christmas presents or want to make a little something last minute? Then this is the right place for you. In just a few steps I will show you how to make super cute and comfy socks with snowmen! You can design them to your liking and adapt them to the person you want to give them to. It's easy, fast and definitely fun. In need of more gift ideas? Then check out my advent calendar presents. Let's get started with this christmasy DIY!

Kuschelsocken mit Schneemännern
Kuschelsocken mit Schneemännern

You will need:

  • One pair of comfy socks
  • Two squares of fabric in white for the head (11cm x 11cm)
  • Two squares of felt in the color of your choice for the hat (4cm x 4cm)
  • Two pieces of fabric of your choice for the scarf (each 10cm x 1cm)
  • 4 small white pompoms* for the scarf (about 10mm)
  • 4 very small black pompoms* for the eyes (about 7mm)
  • Two small pieces of felt in orange for the nose
  • Cotton wool for the head
  • Black yarn for the mouth
  • White yarn for the head
  • Yarn in matching color to the rest of the fabric
Gesicht nähen
Schneemann Kopf

Step 1

Take your white fabric and sew on the two black pompoms with black thread. Then cut the carrot nose out of the orange felt and sew it under the pompoms. Finally take a black thread double and stitch through the fabric. Pull two tight knots close to the fabric and stitch back. Repeat this until the mouth is finished.

Watte in Stoff
Kopf nähen

Step 2

Form the cotton wool into a ball, then press it flat. Place it in your white fabric and arrange the fabric so that a round head is formed. Close the fabric at the back so that no cotton wool can fall out. You may have to make small adjustments at the end to make the head really round.

Kuschelsocken mit Schneemännern

Step 3

Fold the strip of fabric and sew it to the bottom of the snowman's head. Take the two white pompoms and sew them onto the two ends of the scarf. Then cut a hat from the felt and sew it on the head.

Step 4

Repeat the first three steps for the other snowman. Then sew the two snowmen to your socks. It can be helpful to put them on to better estimate the position of the decoration. Then your comfy socks are done!

Kuschelsocken mit Schneemännern
Kuschelsocken mit Schneemännern

I wish you a lot of fun with this DIY and I am very curious how your snowmen will turn out! Send me your designs on Instagram. See you on my next DIY post and have a nice week!

All the best,

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